About Us


We welcome you to Malpeque Cove where an Island adventure awaits you. It is our goal to make your family feel welcome and to help you discover the beauty and serenity of our Island. We accommodate families, couples, and business travelers.

Malpeque Cove has come to represent quality and comfort to our guests. Many return year after year to enjoy the cottages and the fantastic surroundings. Malpeque Cove’s very central location makes it easy to explore PEI’s charms. Fishing boats wait in sheltered harbors, fertile red soil produces lush crops, wildflowers abound along country roadsides and the magnificent Gulf of Saint Lawrence is at your doorstep. Light sand beaches stretch for miles, inviting strollers and swimmers. And at the end of the day, our glorious sunsets will thrill and delight you.

We look forward to welcoming you to Malpeque Cove. We’d be happy to assist in any way we can to ensure that you have the best possible experience of our beloved Island.